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Definitysystems.com is dedicated to promoting small businesses by compiling a database of SEO, Telecom and Website Design and Development sources.

Are you lost in the endless number of bloated business directories? Definitysystems.com is a marketing consortium that helps review, list and promote businesses specializing in Search Engine optimization, Telecom, Website Development and Website Design.

Definitysystems.com has been carefully evaluating business since its inception in May of 2000. Our Austin board of directors is made up of former business executives with years of experience in these industries. They work in conjunction with business graduate programs and various online business rating sources.

We list only a select group of businesses based on years of experience, exemplary customer report, customer satifaction, customer results, and good standing with the better business bureau.

We save you hours of time researching and narrowing the field to only a premier listing of companies. The process can be overwhelming with global, national, and local companies competing for your business. This allows you to choose between global staples of the industry and local companies able to offer you the most personal attention--whatever your needs may be.

Our directory is objective and concise. We have no incentive for listing a business other than supporting companies we believe to be at the forefront of their industry. This may be a company with years of business experience or a emerging company bringing a unique perspective to their field. This is critical for us to maintain a diverse list of choices suited to your individual needs.

If you have feedback on one of the companies listed, we encourage you to contact us and share your experience. Additionally, if you would like your business website to be listed in the database send us the URL and a brief mission statement for your company. Thank you.

Check back often to find updates to the growing database.

Definitysystems.com is your gateway to SEO, Telecom, Website Development, and Website Design satisfaction.